Can you stay healthy while travelling?

Many people often associate travelling with gaining weight. In and out of motels, eating whenever you can fit it in, airport food, and trying to experience as much local cuisine as possible are just some of the reasons why people make this connection.

However, in this modern age, getting fit and staying healthy has become a lot easier, especially for busy people like all travelers are. In this post I would like to explore some of the ways you can stay fit while abroad as well as within your busy lifestyle while you’re back at home.

Firstly, going back to what I was saying about the modern age, there are applications for phones, tablets, and laptops for almost any purpose. This means that there is a whole list of apps dedicated to improving your fitness, but as with anything some are a lot better than others. Below are in my opinion two of the best apps for this purpose:

  1. Sworkit 

If you want a fitness app that has exercises you can do anywhere in whatever time frame you have, then I would recommend an app called Sworkit.

It allows you to pick any time frame from 5 minutes to 60 minutes and it locates a workout to suit you. You don’t need any extra equipment and you only need a small amount of room to complete the exercises which makes it the ideal app for frequent travelers. It also allows you to customize your own workouts by choosing exercises that suite you. This is especially good if there is a particular area that you would like to focus on.

Sworkit lets you put in an amount of time you have available to work out and chooses a workout specifically for you
With Sworkit you can also custom workouts to pinpoint the areas of your body you want to work on

2. Runtastic 

This app is more focused on running but you can also choose different activities to be recorded in your exercise history. With this app you will need more space, preferably a route to run and some good running shoes. Running in a different city or place can be very exciting and it is a good way to get an overview of where you are. However, depending on where you are going I would suggest that you may like to do some research on what is recommended and culturally acceptable to wear on your run as well as places that you should avoid on your route.

With Runtastic you can either just start running or plan out your route prior to starting
It tracks your history as well as how you felt after each run or walk
There are many features in Runtastic that you can use to help keep you motivated such as story running


If you are less of an app person and prefer something you can open up on the internet, you can always check out Buzzfeed’s many exercise regimes (that I found very useful as well) or just simply search up for ideas on YouTube.

If you know where you are staying will not have any internet connection you may like to find some exercise worksheets that are readily available on the internet and print them out. These are usually free and can be helpful but obviously do not show exactly how to do each exercise.

Hopefully with these trips you will be able to eat the local cuisine and soak up as much as the food atmosphere where you are staying as you can, without having the guilty feeling of knowing that you are gaining a lot of weight or getting very unfit.

Thanks for reading. Chuck this Aussie girl a follow if you feel up to it.

Maddy (theauthenticlifeismine) X


11 thoughts on “Can you stay healthy while travelling?

  1. GadAbouttheGlobe says:

    Good post-I’ve never heard of these apps before but they look really cool. I’ve never actually had any problems with gaining weight when traveling. I like to walk around the city instead of taking public transit because you can see so much more. I find my legs are always super strong by the time I return home!

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